01 Máy xử lý mô tự động 300 cassette

The VIP 6 AI tissue processor is the latest generation of the Tissue-Tek VIP secure tissue processor. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to create excellent quality tissue with easy operation.

The VIP 6 AI tissue processor gives you:

Peace of mind with proven technology
Excellent results with standard procedures
Absolute safety for tissue samples and users
Reliability and durability

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02 Digital Information


Capacity: ≥ 300 cassettes per processing.
Two processing modes can be selected: 150 cassettes or 300 cassettes for single processing.
The basket contains cassettes with hooks and is placed vertically in the treatment chamber.
There are four paraffin tanks with handles for easy removal. There is a large tank containing 5.6L and 3 small containers contain 4.2L
Control parameters by microprocessor.
Memory: Storage with 50 programs, 3 wash programs.
Programmable up to 14 steps per method.
Store up to 100 names, 22 characters / name.
Paraffin drying temperature: 45 degrees C to 70 degrees Celsius
Xylene bottle washing temperature: 40 degrees C - 60 degrees Celsius
Alarm system with signal and sound when there is trouble.
There are communication ports to connect devices such as: USB to save program, data report; a built-in UPS, signaling and alarm inputs.

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